The New Tara way to prosperity

A free e-book about how our attachment to suffering is the main obstacle from experiencing abundance and how you can approach you own, to begin to allow prosperity and joy into your life in bigger ways.


Are you carrying a longing within?

A longing to express yourself and your gifts with the world even more? 

A longing to help the earth and her people to ultimate well-being, awakening and ascension?

You are needed.

In your unique way.

Your voice, your heart, your expression.

You are so needed right now. We all are.

Fellow Lightworkers, wayshowers and soul-sisters.

We need to get over our fear of success and see it for what it is. Success means that you are fulfilling your mission you signed up for and reach all those who signed up with you before coming here.

I believe there are people waiting for you.

For YOUR particular medicine. For your offerings.

To see your soul express the light in you.

So why are you still holding back in certain areas?

Why are you still struggling to some extent?

Why are you still feeling financially insecure?

Why are you still not feeling entirely worthy of succeeding and being highly rewarded for your lightwork?

Well, there are plenty of great programs out there to tell you the answer and ways to heal blockages and root causes, but the core question is how much are you still addicted to suffering?

How much are you still attached to your internal stories?

How much are you still experiencing friction in your relationships?

How much are you limiting yourself from experiencing endless joy, happiness and prosperity?

You can explore this with Green Tara and her Dakini Angels in my up-coming The Dakini Sisters Soul Manifestation Program if you wish. Perhaps especially if the honesty above triggered you in any way.

The program is an immersion into your attachment to suffering, full of energetic transmissions, activations, channeled guidance and a curriculum to lovingly assist you deeper into your soul purpose.

In this e-book The New Tara way to prosperity you will get a taste of the program and I share how you can approach your attachment to suffering to begin to allow the flow of prosperity to flow into your life in a new easier way.

Get it below. I hope it will be of great benefit to you!

PS. Along with the e-book you will also get a channeled transmission and activation from Green Tara! (All free of course).


With love,