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Explore how you can go about deepening your journey. 


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The reality hack



The Reality Hack shares five fundamental insights to embracing ones power and creating amazingness with ease. The Reality Hack shows how to master manifestation as well as how to use life to consciously advance on the path of enlightenment.

Embrace your SOUL's mastery and create what your heart longs for, as the powerful creator you are.

Hacking reality is really what enlightenment is...



  • In-person workshops in Sweden   and...
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live online classes

Everyday enlightenment



Enlightenment made real in real life. When you need guidance on how to use life in deepening your self-awareness and journey of enlightenment.



  • Live online classes
  • Recordings available for Patrons
  • Held on Zoom, (free and easy to use)

Regression therapy

Healing help

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When you feel that something is in need of deeper understanding, it may be a repeating issue in your life, a trigger, feeling or illness that you cannot understand, then going back to child hood or previous (parallell) lives can help you see the cause of what is happening today and resolve it.



  • In-person sessions held in Enköping, Sweden
  • Distance regression held through Zoom video call

Want to shake your energetic system awake?

A Catalyst for awakening



The journey of discovering the self, the path of enlightenment, eventually will include a Kundalini Awakening. This is where the sleeping energetic potential already within you, awakens and rises up through the spine and get to work from within. The cosmic intelligence of Shakti Kundalini resolves energetic blocks and entanglements and karmic patterns surface for you to shine the light of awareness on and heal. This energy activates the biologic potential of your body incrementally, changes the brain function, balances your left and right hemispheres and helps you experience oneness and further the ascension.


What is it?

  • Distance Shaktipat sessions
  • Transfer of Kundalini to ignite yours