Powerful inner work of shifting shame and despair to peace

I am soaring in happiness and joy and want to share my recent weeks of shame and despair with you and how it turned out -no, how I turned my experience around.

I take complete responsibility (and credit!) for my experience, my health, pain and ache, the love I give and receive, every emotion, wanted and unwanted.

I have re-claimed my power. And boy am I powerful! We are ALL so so so so powerful!!!

We CAN choose our experiences.
We can choose our emotional state.
We DO choose our suffering.

We choose our irritation, our sadness, our worry because deep down we are addicted to suffering. We may have a lot of reasons and explanations and they are part of our 3-dimensional experience and BEAUTIFUL for their purpose and potential!

I am not saying it is easy, I am not saying I am done. I will very likely relapse many times but now I know the addiction for what it is, now I know that I have the power to choose to break away from suffering again and choose bliss.

I AM that powerful. YOU are that powerful.

Read more about this recent experience here.

Sending you SO much love! The light in me walks side by side, hand in hand with the light in you. And what a beautiful experience.


With light and love,


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