How your thoughts create an addiction to suffering

It didn’t quite strike me until recently that the stories of me, myself and I (that I have known and worked with for years) that identify us initially, that create our ego identity are also tools for us to extend, increase and hold on to our suffering.

Most of the time, our internal dialogue circulate around how we relate to an experience, a situation at hand, or what people do to us or how we relate to others.

"Me, myself and I."

Almost all our thoughts are variants of stories about ourselves and how we relate to the external world.

They separate us from experience.

They create the sense of self (ego self, ego identity)

…and they hold us addicted to our suffering.

This addiction is, like other addictions, restricting the amount of happiness and inner peace that we are allowing ourselves to feel and create for ourselves.

Through releasing the addiction to suffering, we can open up to receive MORE abundance in all areas of life.


Wishing you health, love, joy and happiness!