A moment of pristine personal power

I want to share something very specific: Earlier today: I find myself in a moment of personal power: I am choosing whether to choose joy or not.

I am not in the moment of directly choosing joy or not joy, but I am in the moment before. I am choosing whether or not to actively step into a choice or not. (Following me..?)

I am realizing that the option is there for me, I AM able to choose joy, but in the state I am in I am not quite there yet, I am totally off balance (literally fell down the stairs and ripped a toe nail off) + pre-new moon energies and other galactic energies affecting my sense of grounding, presence and focus.

I feel scattered, off-centered and ready to head into a day or two or integration, reflection with a bit of sadness to my mood. I don’t really want to be cheerful and enthusiastic right now and I know it is both very much okey and a natural part of the process of being an awakening human being, but, 

And this is a BIG BUT: I am still ABLE to choose joy if I want to. AND as I am feeling this, I am also scared of missing out of the human experience of contraction/expansion and of missing something important in the darker mood.

I ask for guidance and instantly realize that I AM ABLE TO, thus I am ready to. But as I realize this, and that I have to share about this amazing possibility, I am also afraid of being too much for others (because we don’t want to provoke others right?) but I am in this business of helping others move past the ego and release attachment to suffering, so I am bound to provoke the ego to some extent in the process. I am hoping to display that in any moment, we can choose our experience and that it is pretty effing amazing to be able to choose our happiness!

I chose joy. It took a moment or two of internal shifting my frequency/energy, but again I feel the high vibe ecstatic joy that is AVAILABLE at any time.

And I can be happy AND reflective, working on grounding myself again and moving slowly through my day too!

This is sovereignty.

If you wish to learn more and perhaps access your inner power to do the same, see how to work with me here.


With blessings for your happiness, excitement and joy!