Facing your shadow creates light

Distraction and pushing down has been prevalent until now. People in general have been avoiding rather than facing, but we are in for a time of facing our shadows and as you know, our shadow aspect are portals, key ways, to liberation of suffering.

To stare into the darkness that arises within you is to look into the future of light. At the time you may not experience light, but through looking at your shadow sincerely and honestly, there will be cracks opening and there will be light.

Light to dissolve shadows and light to help you release the stories around the shadow aspect of your experience.

There will be light in, and around, you. There will be light in your heart, light in your mind.

Your mind will begin to lighten, to expand. To open up for possibilities you didn’t see before. To open up for judgement not to be true. Your own inner judge.

Your perceived judgement from others, will not stick to this light. You will begin to see the judgements as pure story-making, a fabrication and not true.

You will feel the light, that is your very being, your divine self, complete self, and there will be no need for stories to identify you anymore.


So look into your shadow 

Face your stories that create suffering for yourself, that create conflict in your life, that create friction and trigger your unwanted emotions of distress, unease, worry, anxiety, anger, sadness and hurt.

The process of looking at your stories and understanding that you create your stories, to create suffering, to generate these emotions, can be too another exercise in creating unease. It can be a long process, a deep process, a process that needs assistance from great guides, healers, or therapists.

I want you to know though, that you can do this process yourself too.

Shadow work process

Simply sit down, close your eyes, relax your body and mind, come into your heart, slow down.

Simply ask yourself some of these or similar questions:

  • How am I triggered in this situation?
  • What is the story that I keep telling myself?
  • What is the deeper meaning?
  • Is it true?
  • What is the perception it feeds within me?
  • What is the role that I play in the story?
  • Is it that of a victim, of being taken advantage of, or a perpetrator, a judge, or something else?
  • How does it make me feel?
  • Is the story true?

Can you feel and know that the story isn’t true?

Can you see the connection of repeating events in your life with the stories told as the cause? And not really the situation at hand at all?

By simply observing the deeper meaning of your stories and the connection to your experience in the now, you can release the story and this karmic shred instantly.

It can be easy. It can be done quickly.

Have faith that YOU are that POWERFUL. Because you are.

And if you see a healer or someone else to assist you in this process, that’s fine too, but in the end, YOU are the one to understand the connection and YOU are the one to release yourself from it.

Stories are not important, they create your physical reality and experience but as you release them you do not need explanation or reason anymore. If you feel you need to, that’s fine, but if you don’t that’s good too.

If you need to go back in time to understand the root cause of a behavior or lingering emotion then do so in regression with yourself, or with assistance. But it is not at all necessary, even if many (if not most) feel a need to.

This is for your benefit. This is for your ascension. This is for the planet. And now we will create heaven on earth. Beginning in each mind, each heart, each being on Earth at this time.


With love,