Did you know that the ego makes you do this?

We all have an ego. It is a part of us in this human form but it IS not our true self.

Sometimes it makes us do things in strange ways and we meet people with less compassion than we intend, but we need not dislike our ego.

We need only understand it better to change our experience. 

Five things you do that is really stemming from the ego and NOT from your true self:

  1. Compare yourself with others, feeling like one should be better than the other.
  2. Needing to be right or have the last say.
  3. Judge yourself or others.
  4. Talking badly about others.
  5. Play small and not wanting to stand out because of lack of confidence.

Understanding the ego and how it is formed, created and nourished is one of the key aspects in this meditation series. Read more here if this interests you.


With love,


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