Karmic release at daycare

I was misjudged and distrusted by the day care personel as a result from that many other parents are making excuses for their children and pretend that they are well when in fact they are sick and spread illness to the others.

My intention was always good, I acted sincerely in alignment with the respect I hold to the rules around illness at daycare and yet was met with distrust, when my honest judgement was not trusted.

I tried to talk to talk it out, was not heard and was met with more distrust. I got really triggered, REALLY sad and upset and tried later to share my feelings with her, which didn’t matter. Our talk ended in an argument again and I didn’t understand why.

My thoughts about this kept repeating themselves and I couldn’t let them go!

The narrative I kept repeating to myself created triggered emotional reactions and I kept fueling this with my conscious thoughts about it.

Until I sat down to ask what is this about?

I did a self-regression and realized the root which is really old wounds of being falsely accused (when doing good healing work and being accused of having bad intentions, in a previous lifetime).


I got to heal that part of my old me and re-integrate the soul fragment again.

I am so grateful and again astounded by the power of regression, self-healing and spiritual awakening.

I found forgiveness and love again and don’t feel triggered anymore. I wrote her a letter of forgiveness and love and hope that she is also well now.


Karma comes back to bite

Right before this, I also accused another parent for making a poor judgement, so I acted out the karma I was about to heal. To see ones owns responsibility in the greater picture is also important for forgiving and healing oneself.

Usually what you experience is something you have put others through before (in previous lifetimes or in this) and I have probably accused people of worse things in the past too.


Life lessons turn into wisdom

In my Green Tara Meditation Series, I am sharing how thoughts fuel emotions and when seen for what they are, can be a key to karmic release. 

It is talking about how our initial sense of self is connected to the karma and pain that we still carry in our energetic ”painbody” and how our triggers are opportunities for enlightenment, pure love and inner peace.

The Samsara Secret Masterclass is presenting this in a way that our intellectual thinking minds can understand and if you want keys to how to begin to approach your own healing for less triggers and more inner peace.

The Masterclass presents one way to look at it, that is perhaps less abstract than other approaches. Learn more here. You are very welcome to join! The three week Masterclass begins 15th of March 2017 (read on the link for more dates).


With love,