An unexpected way to love yourself

Forgiveness is so interlinked with releasing our attachment to suffering. I haven’t thought of it quite in this way before, but through forgiving we release our suffering self and invite peace.

When we’re not ready to forgive, we hold on to our anger and suffering. ‘…just a little more….’

Today in meditation, it became clear how the past few days of healing parts of me that had diminished myself, belittling myself, I opened up for a new level of self-love.

I have since, with so much ease, scheduled self-loving activities and made plans that I have been putting off for ages, not feeling there was “time for”.

I am soon off to the hairdresser for the first time in over a year (two?) and these little things, feels amazing. I am worthy! I am worthy of loving myself! I am worthy of shining in my beauty and radiance!

I feel this at a higher level than ever and I was also encouraged me to forgive myself for not loving myself. So, as I was emerged in healing energy, I wrapped my arms around that part of me who didn’t book that haircut for so long, who didn’t find the fun dance class that I really want to take, who didn’t make herself feel beautiful, who didn’t allow herself self-pleasure or sex, or even invite closeness, who didn’t prioritize good healthy food, who didn’t feel worthy of a loving husband and who didn’t feel okay with sharing her amazing services with the world, and I forgave her. I forgave her.

You see how this is all linking self-value, inner peace, joy to be alive and prosperity together? Forgiveness is an important element for the collective right now. To forgive is to release that which holds power OVER you, that which takes power away from you, that which YOU gave your power away to.

I forgive myself for not loving me. I forgive you and I promise to show you every day how much I love you. Through slow moves, through dance, through music, through presence and joy, though meditation and through taking action on inspired longings, and through intimacy and love.

I love you. I love me.