Euphoric enlightenment from infidelity?

Some time ago, I experienced infidelity in my relationship at the time and being the conscious aware person that I am I could easily see my thoughts and how they created emotions and how I in this moment at first was loving and considerate and then how an internal battle with my ego self/3D self and my 5D self was taking place.

The internal dialogue went something like this:

“This is something to be really really upset about!” 

“But I can see above that, I can hold him in his pain, shall I not do that instead? Do I have to react?” 

“Society expects you too!”  

“But I can see how this is the resolution to my karmic cycle around those previous events! I am so happy!”  

“No you are NOT, You are supposed to be ANGRY right now, he did this to you!!!”     

...and I chose to get involved in yelling and screaming and man did it feel good. For a short while. Consciously I didn’t want to suppress anything and really wanted to get it out. Whatever needed to get out. Emotions to be expressed. So I expressed them but quite quickly came back to love because I deeply understood and knew that it not his true self who did this, it is his illusion of self who did

(as we do live an illusion and I see the hologram every day!) 

and it was not my true self who wanted to feel, it was my illusion of self who needed to be fueled by negative emotions a little to still stay in existence.

After realizing how his actions actually HELP my karmic release I could easily forgive him and truly FEEL how he was a part of me, reflecting a part of my karmic story back to me, that I have felt for a very long time of not being loved, and now I got the opportunity to LOVE myself and him through this experience.

I was EUPHORIC one day after this crushing news.

Euphoric and in bliss.

This is the power of enlightening inner work and forgiveness. #Iforgive 

With love,

Alexa Marie

Alexa Marieforgiveness