From crying in the shower to discovering lost power

The other day I was SO triggered by my husband and ended up in a pile on the floor in the shower crying my eyes out.

I don’t even remember what it was all about but eventually I began to call in all the support I could remember.

I had my future self there holding my face reminding me of who I am, I had Mother Mary there leaning into her deeply loving arms and I had St Germain there to transmute the emotions into peaceful feelings (who are all aspects of all that is)

I began to envision how the entire patriarchal system of the world, within me, outside of me, have oppressed women and the feminine within all (women and men) and all the ways in which this has been done.

I saw it all.

I felt it.

And I began to look for the possibility within me to forgive the entire patriarch.

It was not instant.

It was not easy.

It was not forced.

But after a while I was able to.

It was then the only thing I COULD do and wanted to do.

I stuttered important words in the warm water flooding my body, and felt how my yoni opened up soaking in forgotten power from the Earth. Power I had given away.

In awe, I understood how important the act of forgiveness can be.

Let’s forgive. Please.

Let’s take our power back.

Let’s create the everyday lives we want, compassionately and loving!

Create lives of honoring our cycles, our feminine intuitive powers (in both men and women) and possibilities of divine guidance, insight and direction. #Iforgive

I love you,




Alexa Marieforgiveness