Now what do we do? A missing perspective. The next step.

I want to write. I want to write my truth. Without fear of ridicule and judgment. But I have been afraid. I am afraid. Of what others might say. 

But I am done shutting myself up. Because this is too important to not speak up about!

Online viral eye-opening debates/campaigns/phenomenon like dismantle White Supremacy #blacklivesmatters #metoo and others along those lines, are so multifaceted that it is hard for me to even get into the debate so I haven’t.

Until now. 

Through these coming posts I am NOT saying that others are wrong or what they say and feel is UNTRUE in any way. I am also not claiming to have THE answer, but I feel there’s an important perspective missing to what the next step can be. I am also open for changing that perspective and adding to it.

In deed, speaking up, sharing our stories is very healing and these topics are so very important to lift to the surface to heal. I honor every human being and everyone’s unique path and there are multiple ways to come to peace, I see that, I know that.

Now the question is, what will we DO with it?

My Higher Self have been very clear that it is time to shift perspective and that this topic is too important NOT to speak up about. So I am going to do just that. I am going to share my perspective that I know I share with many but who’s voices are not heard as loudly as those who scream from the roof tops fueled with anger.

I have seen a lot of anger in these viral eye-openers but anger doesn’t do anything for me but recoil or act out of fear (I admit it, I have liked and shared what strong angry voices are saying, out of fear).

Anger blames, enforcing separation.

And anger triggers. Perhaps, or very likely, that is just what we need though, despite that I don’t particularly like it!

So let’s look at what is being triggered. Old wounds are being brought to the surface. Hopefully people know how to heal these wounds and not set off in another victim loop, reinforcing karma instead of resolving it.

And WHO is being triggered?

  • The ego identity is.
  • The false sense of self that LOVES victimhood and separation from oneness because this creates it’s very identity!
  • The part in us human beings who rather be angry and separate than loving and one with all.
  • The part who rather be deeply enraged instead of forgiving.
  • The part who feeds on negative emotions and thoughts about me, myself and I in relation to something else (thus creating separation).
  • Our separate sense of self.
  • Our 3D self.

And where are we going? Into the unconditionally loving 5th dimension! And now the 3D identity is now validated and strengthened through telling stories of victimhood. But when in 5D, I promise you don’t even remember what made you so upset…!  (I realize that this is triggering, but oh I so need to say it still).

Yes, I realize too that we need to HEAL first, so let’s do that. Every individual needs to heal individually, without pointing finger to another. Take personal responsibility to heal within, as this heals the collective. (Do you need help, this is the time to get it. Do not stay in suffering!)

Let’s not get stuck in the pain and suffering and create more separation.

Pointing finger at a group of people, or anyone, is not helpful. Defensiveness and deeper separation is likely the result. When so many join an online battle the problem is highlighted, it is reinforced, it is given energy, it is fueled and the separation that exists between the two sides deepened.

UNLESS you actually do the INNER WORK of transmuting what was brought to the surface FOR YOU. (Please do).

What you do for yourself and your inner experience, you do for the world, because we are one. Not cliché, but Truth.

If in war one side would stop, love and forgive the other side (and themselves for their contribution), there would be no war, but open-hearted possibilities of new beginnings.

If one person doesn’t shout back in an argument, the other person is free to come to her senses and realize her contribution to her emotions. She can come back to her power to love and forgive herself and change to create a new reality.

We are now part of an amazing opportunity to change the course of a world in turmoil. We are the ones to create that change.

Not by pointing out and fix every separate problem, but to forgive everyone in pain, who hurt others.

To forgive ourselves for our contribution.

To forgive ourselves for holding onto our karma, our karmic stories. For gripping so tightly onto our ego identity, the 3D-self that we are letting go of!

And to let go of the 3D battle field of you or me, issues and problems and to look at it from a higher perspective.

To forgive our enemies.

To love and hold and heal our inner victim and inner perpetrator, our collective victim and collective perpetrator, by yes, SEEING the issue and forgive.

To begin to see our perpetrators for the DIVINE beings they are. For their role to shake us awake and:

  1. trigger old wounds to be healed and
  2. find oneness within us.

To forgive is not easy, especially if you enjoy being the victim and still are addicted to your suffering. (Triggering huh? I say this with so much love.)

Forgiveness is the most powerful and efficient way through though, because forgiveness sets you free from the past and is a gift of opportunity for redemption and change for all involved. Forgiveness opens the possibilities for real change to occur.

True forgiveness becomes easier when we realize that every person we meet (oppressor or not) is a part of us.

They are a reflection of the same divine source that you are a reflection of.

The consciousness that is within their cells is also the consciousness that is within your cells.

You are me. I am another you.

The perpetrators and victims are ONE.

Seeing and FEELING the oneness within all opens an unconditional love for all and their pain. The pain that is causing them to act in terrible ways.

In oneness I can hold space for people in pain. I can love them. I can forgive them. I can give them a chance to change.

This can be the most powerful way to shift this planet.

What would happen if EVERY victim came to this realization?

I know it is hard. I know it is a long process.

But it has to begin.

We cannot continue blaming and reinforcing systems of separation.

And I don’t believe that fixing separate systems, problems, issues (3D) is creating the massive shift (to 5D) that we need to see.

I believe in shifting into oneness (through pure and deep inner work) and as a result new systems will arise naturally from the unconditional loving attitude in people who will treat each other differently. We/they will create organizations, initiatives and systems from a natural desire to help and support each other through generous acts of giving to another.

It begins with the INNER work of healing YOUR wounds that arise through these viral eye-openers and come to forgiveness.

There’s also a plentitude of helpers (healers, spiritual mentors, Lightworkers of all sorts) that have prepared for this that can help. You don’t have to do it alone.

Who can you forgive? Can you forgive - truly forgive - someone today? #Iforgive

With love,

Alexa Marie

Alexa Marieforgiveness