Mindfulness leaves people hanging

It frustrates me that mindfulness teachers and courses leave people hanging.

Of course we are not responsible for the complete growth and personal development of participants and we provide them with a foundation for growth that it fantastic.

The tool of mindfulness is doing great things for people. However, there is more that could be revealed to participants as they embark on the mindfulness path.

First, participants learn about what mindfulness is and what it does to the brain and our perception of the world around us. Good foundation and gives us motivation to keep at it.

Then, we teach how to meditate and how to keep the thoughts in check (well, many courses do, at least). All good stuff.


The attitudes of mindfulness

If you are lucky, you also learn about the mindfulness attitudes that aid you in your process of becoming more mindful. These attitudes are acceptance (acknowledgement), letting go, not straining, non-judgment, compassion, patience and trust. 

These attitudes can make the biggest difference and really help you to remember in everyday life, to take on a slightly different approach to be more mindful. It helps also in meditation as a reminder to accept your thought and let it go etc. 

However, the participant is left hanging with these tools of mindfulness meditation techniques focus on your breath) and the attitudes in random order. 

Many thrive and find their way this way. 


There is a pattern behind our thoughts and how they make us experience life with un-ease and circumstantial happiness.


The pattern of your mind

This pattern correlates to mindfulness and I can so clearly see how the attitudes of mindfulness are tools for us to break through this cycle of un-ease. Also called the Wheel of Suffering* or Circumstantial happiness*.

*Suffering talks about the habitual life, the conditioned fulfillment = “I am only happy when this or that happens”
*Circumstantial happiness = “I am happier on the weekend when I hold a glass of wine in my hand and the sun is shining and we can sit outdoors and I have a trip booked in to look forward to” or “I cannot be happy because you did this or that” or “I AM happy because I have this and this and this”.

Most people that benefit (greatly) from mindfulness never see this cycle and still thrive. 

However, after I explored it, understood it and reveled in it, I can never look back again. It was SO deeply transformational and insightful that I just have to share it with you.


The potential for inner peace

  • I broke through my thought pattern completely and can now experience the infinite peace that lives inside of us, behind the mind and the voice of the ego.
  • I have close to zero mind chatter...
  • I got to know my ego and got specific tools for taking the power back from it.
  • I found the true essence of who I am, behind the normal thought-based identification ("I am a doctor", "I am compassionate and friendly", "I am a mother and sister", "I am easy-going" - None of this really describe WHO you are)

I am soon launching The Samsara Secret Masterclass that illuminates this Wheel of Samsara (suffering=un-ease=conditional happiness=circumstantial fulfillment) and how mindfulness plays its part in breaking the cycle.

This understanding brings the potential for inner peace like you never imagined.

If you are intrigued I invite you to read more here.


With excitement for your illumination,


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