How to challenge yourself: Patriarchal challenge vs Feminine expansion

I was asking Green Tara in what practical ways I could serve better and got a definition of patriarchal challenge and feminine expansion:

Listen to your heart and do what feels exciting, refreshing and challenging. What is challenging your heart to expand?

You do not need to challenge yourself in a patriarchal way, and do the things you don’t feel like, are afraid of and don’t enjoy.

You challenge your heart instead. How can you connect more deeply with others? How can you stand in your power more?

How can you trust divine guidance, your intuition, in those moments when you doubt and resort to logical thinking?

Can you trust divine knowing when you would normally look to a script? Channel your heart in the meditation circle. Channel your heart and your love. Spread it, shine it, let it radiate to the people present.

Channel your heart and if Ascended Masters or Angels appear with messages, channel them. Set the intention of highest good for all and there will only ever be light beings working in and of the light coming to you.

Let go of the resistance and the fear of not being liked. It is just not true.