Why quitting coffee is a good idea if you meditate regularly

So you have incorporated the habit of meditating in your life?


Have you also noticed that you are calmer than you used to be?

But, do you still drink coffee?

Then this article is for you.

I used to work in a corporate job, demanding a high tempo and lots of activity. My day stood never still. I never experience, or allowed myself to experience, the stillness that is available even in such a busy environment.

I hurried home after work, I was walking fast, my inner default tempo was so high that I often had tension headaches, which turned into migraines during my period. I tried to give myself breaks, coffee breaks, before continuing in the same rushed fashion.

My story involved getting sick from stress and finding mindfulness to calm myself into a normal state of being. I continued drinking coffee though and soon I was freaking out from tension, even when I was just chilling in my wonderfully calm environment at home.

I decided I needed to stop drinking coffee, since I had so many headaches around the routine of coffee intake. My inner knowing told me it was important.

So, I made the commitment.

The first two weeks were hell on earth. Like a drug addict I swat, were cold, were sick from massive migraines and furious like never before.

I stuck with it and three weeks later I was completely myself again.

No, that is not true.

I was better than I used to be. I remained calm and centered through out the day and did not get headaches any more! 

But the best thing of all is that my mind felt so so clear! Like the blue sky above the clouds!

I could think again, I could stay in control, I felt so alive, connected and clear! This was at the same time that I went deeping onto my path of spiritual awakening and I was deeply in a routine where I meditated daily, often several times a day.

So are we better off without coffee?


The short answer is yes.

It is addictive and toxic and when drinking it our body needs to clear toxins and taking care of the bi-products.


The long answer is that we also need coffee in our lives sometimes.

Especially when we are working a fast paced stressful life. Coffee is a YANG substance giving you YANG energy, which is upward moving energy. It helps us staying energized and in that tense fast-paced life style.

The downside is that our stressful corporate hectic lives are so un-balanced and all we do is work, do, achieve and accomplish (yang yang yang) and to remain in the high Yang energy we drink coffee, adding more Yang.

Eventually we come to a place where we get so ill (mentally exhausted, stress syndroms, burn out, anxiety, physical illness) that we have to change something.

We have to find balance.

Often we learn meditation and mindfulness and find our personal strategies to remain balanced. We add breaks and relaxing activities (because we now know we deserve and really really need those to stay healthy) but we continue to drink coffee!


When we really need to add YIN energy, we are instead counter-acting our rest, with more Yang energy in that cup of coffee.

If you now have a somewhat calmer life style, with space to rest, to walk slower, to take breaks and value that time of self care that you now give yourself. Please, know that you are adding a stresser to your system, when you drink that coffee and consider what you want for yourself in the long run.

There are countless alternatives and you will feel so much lighter and clearer.

I wish that for you. I do.

You are wonderful. You deserve the calm and peaceful balance that a combination of Yang and Yin energy can provide in your life.


With love,



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