Why listening to music helps while meditating

I did not use to be a fan of having music on while meditating.

At all.

I thought it obstructed my focus and that I was not “supposed” to have it on.

I was doing mindfulness meditation and music is not commonly used in mindfulness meditation. So I did not feel I could try it either.


Later I found out that music is wonderful when meditating! There is really NO RULE for deciding if music is for you or not. Even when practicing mindfulness meditation!

Meditation is a way to get in contact with our inner self. To feel expansive and connected, calm and relaxed.

Well, music is HELPING you achieve this.

Calm meditation music is raising your vibration, helping you to achieve a relaxed state of mind and body. It also brings you into the present moment and it can be easier to listen to the music if your mind is full of thoughts.

You can focus on your breath while listening, or shift back and forth to the music, and back to the breath.

Choose calm meditation music that is soft enough to not disturb your focus, if you are meditating classical mindfulness meditation where you want to practice focusing on your breath.

Strong chords or piano can feel disturbing so choose music that is soft and gentle. See my list of favorite music here.

So, feel FREE to try music if you want!

There really are no rules. Just your inner compass. Let it lead the way.

If gentle music helps you relax in other situations, you may want to consider trying it in meditation as well. Even if you though it wasn’t for you.


Enjoy your inner stillness!


Alexa Marie