"Use words but don't rely on them"

Ascended Master Green Tara speaks,

I have been waiting for this opportunity to speak through you and with you, this is a great way for us to cooperate. You share my lineage and purpose. We are connected. We are one. You are one with Sophia, as I am one with Sophia- you have come here to share the Shambhala teachings of Samsara in your own unique way, don’t think I expect you to share them in my way. You are sovereign to create your own blueprint, your own unique touch on it; it is what is awakening others to this work, to their own divine Christ light. Your frequency, your heart, your love, your presence. Don’t doubt it. Be it and feel it and it is radiating to others. Use words but don’t rely completely on the words themselves, know that you are emitting energy just by being in presence with others. Know that recorded or live does not matter, you are emitting this awakening energy to those who watch even if you are not reaching them through the spoken teaching. Video or audio does not matter, but video is touching in a different way, so combine the two. You are doing it, you are on the wonderful path of self-realization and manifesting your divine embodiment of the I AM presence and love that is just bursting to come out. You are almost in it, and you are now asked to sit tight and follow through on your plans and let excitement lead the way. Just follow your heart’s desire and it will lead you to the right and most prosperous collaborations and offerings. I am glad you took this opportunity to commune, we will again.


With gratitude,