How is inner peace contributing to world peace and saving our planet from the climate threat?

You have probably heard that saying that inner peace for world peace, but do you know what it really means?

How can outer peace come about if you are simply meditating?

Well, it is not that simple and yet it is that simple:

1.     When we wake up to the present moment, we also see that we are making choices all the time.

Choices that we had not been aware of before but with presence and mindful awareness all the choices become obvious to us. We can change the way we do things, because we are aware.

2.     Meditation leads to spiritual awakening.

It may take years or you may be ready today, or already fully on the path of awakening. Eventually you will wake up to your true nature. This brings you different degrees of inner peace, increasingly so, the deeper you go.

3.     We are energetic beings with a body appearing solid, but when you think about it deeply you see that it must all be energy because every cell in our body is made of molecules, atoms, protons, electrons that are held together with energetic bonds. All energy. Energy that vibrates at a certain frequency.

4.     Spiritual awakening raises our awareness and vibrational frequency. (I need to take a course in Metaphysics to be able to explain this)

5.     Inner peace, joy, gratitude, presence, abundance, prosperity, happiness, contentment, enjoyment are all high vibrational emotions and by vibrating higher, we affect the people around us (like two glasses of water, one cold, one hot, that mix into a medium) and slowly they begin to move themselves closer to awakening through their raised vibration.

6.     We could also say that our behavior is positively affecting those around us.

7.     An enhanced awareness makes you know your body so intimately that you know when the intestines are moving waste around, when you ovulate, when your organs are out of balance and your body needs hydration, heat, rest and what it does not want anymore.

8.     Awake people naturally have a desire to do no harm. No harm to one another, no harm to animals, no harm to the planet, no harm to themselves.

9.     Awake people make choices that resonate for themselves, without the arguments with other people of the why’s and lists of pros and cons.

10. Awake people respect themselves too much to think that this change will anyway not be enough. We do it anyway, because we know that it WILL make a difference.


So spiritual awakening leads us to making choices that are good for the body, good for the planet and it’s inhabitants.

We don’t all go vegan just because it is a norm in certain social groups.

We go vegan because it is the least harmful approach to caring for our planet and ourselves.


I am personally not completely vegan and I don’t think we need to go all the way in one go and call ourselves that. I try, however, to slowly reduce my carbon foot print by using more plant based products, less dairy and not eating meat.


Two initial steps everyone should do for the planet:

1.     Love yourself deeply and do more of makes you truly deeply happy, even if it scares you to make those changes in your life and especially if it feels like you can’t.

2.     Meditate.


With so much love, for you, for our planet,