How to begin to tune into your energy body (and believing in it)

Energy. I used to think of energy as this subtle and almost non-existing concept, and while everyone is talking about having no energy, or feeling depleted and run out of energy, it is at the same time not accepted in our society that we ARE energetic beings and have an energy field surrounding us.

So we are infusing our language with energetic terms, yet we do not accept and believe that energy exists. Huh.

Intellectually we also know that everything is energy and made out of energy, yet we cannot grasp the reality that we ARE energy.

Why is this so hard to accept? I am not judging. I used to feel the same hesitation towards it, and perhaps it is because we cannot SEE energy, well, most normally don’t anyway. 

So we cannot SEE energy, but can we see HEAT? Can we SEE emotions? They are real, right? We also know logically, and I am sure that you agree deep within, that science don’t yet have a way to explain everything, even if metaphysics explain a lot that is not taught in our science lessons in School. We can measure the energy around plants and humans, yet we don't generally believe in auras?

Energy is real, girl. It is time to leave scepticism behind and connect with your energetic body.

I used to know it but deny it, but after doing lots and lots of yoga, meditation and mantra singing I have slowly gotten more in tune with my own energy and being an empathy, an introvert and a HSP (highly sensitive person) I now understand why I was feeling so lousy so often.

Now I can FEEL when someone else’s energy is attached to mine,

I can FEEL when I cut that energetic cord and how good it feels to be filled with bright light again. I can SEE auras (beginning to learn anyway..)

I can SEE the energy dance on the field outside my house.

I am brought up in an academic and logical mind based family and are happily surprised to KNOW that energy is real. I can send healing energy through my hands! That is beyond my logical understanding and so so real. 


A place to start for women

To begin getting in tune with your own energy, a great place to start is to follow your natural rhythm through life.

If you are a woman, this means to follow your menstrual cycle and to really truly slow down during the 1,5-2 weeks prior to your menstruation.

To really honor this cycle can do tremendous things for you, because when we push and push at the same speed through the entire month, we crush our inner voice and our inner rhythm is being brought out of balance.

When we listen deep within and see that we need to say no to going to that event or wait with delivering this task at work or create space at home for real rest and self-nourishment, we actually start to listen to the needs of our body and take care of our energetic body. We need to rest and recharge as well as spend our energy. 

When feeling into what we need during our moon cycle, we begin to come closer to feeling into our energy field and tuning back in.

This opens us up to true transformation.

I will be offering a more detailed way to clear and recharge our energy in the coming months. Sign up to my newsletter below to stay tuned, or check back in later.


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