The art of letting go - a new perspective

Letting go.

Letting go is huge and hard and necessary to be able to move on. Letting go is something we practice in meditation every single time we notice that our attention is on our thoughts, and when we choose to move it back to our breath.

This little action requires us to let go of the thought.

To let go of the engagement we had to our thinking.

To release the attachment we had to the content of the thought.

To let go of the fear of not remembering this important thought.

To let go completely requires surrendering in a sense, to let go of the need to be in 100% control.

Control is an illusion by the way, since control is rigid and a left-brain activity. You are in many ways more in control in the relaxed open-minded state of mindful awareness where you are open to and welcoming of new ideas and to see patterns and opportunities you didn’t see before.


Letting go is not about giving up

Letting go is underrated, since we instinctively don’t really feel like letting go, but it is not about giving up or giving in.

It is about freeing your mind and yourself from what is no longer serving you.

Letting go of ideas or repetitive thoughts, that no longer helps you, can be so freeing.

Letting go also includes releasing from your life, things, relationships, ideas, concepts, beliefs and habits that no longer serves you. Do not judge yourself for holding onto these things for this long, just lovingly think of what you can let go of, and release it.

Just by letting what pops up in your mind be important and to see what it has done for you until now, and why it doesn’t server you anymore, you can release it.

By witnessing without judgement, you are distancing yourself already to what you are letting go of and you can let it go easier.

Write it down and tear it into pieces. Let go and be open for what comes instead.

You just created space for more good to enter. 


Thank you so much for reading,



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