My top one tip for practicing mindfulness when you don’t have time

Ok, so you probably know that Mindfulness is a great thing and one day you will get into that practice, but not today. You probably have too much to do and no time to do anything else. 

But thinking about how your life is unfolding and how stress consumes you at times, is not feeling too good in your heart. Am I even the slightest bit right, keep reading.

Well, a solid mindfulness practice can certainly help you turn that around but the step may be too big right now. Small steps are often better for creating lasting change.


Two things you can incorporate into your life, where ever you work, where ever you spend your days:

1.    Make a cup of tea or coffee mindfully.

You drink coffee through the day, right? You have time to go to the coffee machine or coffe maker, so you do have the time to do this exercise.

To make the coffee/tea while not thinking or focusing on anything else is truly possible for you.

Take a mental break from all your thoughts for two minutes. (Maybe you want to write down everything that you need to keep in your mind first, to make it easier to let go. Trust that everything that is really important WILL come back to you afterwards).

Make your tea/coffee in SLOW MOTION.

Watch your hands move slowly between the buttons/handles/cup/tea and just practice being present by looking.

See the water swirl into the cup,

see the color changes,

the filling of the cup.

Smell the coffee/tea

and feel your hands touch the different surfaces.

Practice being present by focusing on the small details and if it is hard, name what you are doing silently in your mind: “Holding the cup in my hand. It feels cold. Pouring coffee into the cup. It is filling up. Smelling the coffee, wonderful." Etc etc

Enjoy your experience.

After this mindful moment you may understand that the Japanese really enjoy their culture of tea ceremonies!

2.    Wash your hands slooowly after each visit to the ladies room.

Wash them slow slow slow slow slower than you thought possible! So slow.

I PROMISE you, that you have this time. You DO have this time to give to your self, and to your hands. 


I hope that you will enjoy these two ways to bring more presence into your life.

If you feel that it is time to give yourself more mindfulness, more presence, more balance, I am offering a heart-centered Mindfulness Course: Peace & Balance eCourse (in Swedish). You can read more about it here.


With love,


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