How to let go of stubborn thoughts

Have you felt like you are just repeating the same thoughts over and over again sometimes?

That you know that you don’t need that particular thought right now,

but it is still repeating itself in your mind again and again and you can’t concentrate on anything else because this thought is making you feel less than motivated or is it making you feel stressed and not in control?


Our mind is only doing it's job

Our human mind is built to prepare us for uncertainties, to help us staying out of danger, but in our modern day society we are not facing the same kind of dangers as when the brain was built.

Our brain actually looks pretty much the same as it did thousands of years ago. Our instincts and habitual patterns are the same.

Our mind is here to warn us about upcoming dangers.

However, the long lost danger of a wild lion has been replaced with uncertainties at work and risks in our lives. 

Our mind is now warning us about uncertainties by “helping us” remember EVERYTHING we "need" to remember, to warn us to not FORGET ANYTHING because that could mean dooms day is coming, it is repeating these mental post-it-notes over and over again, because forgetting even the smallest detail could be DEVASTATING. 

Being out of control and being vulnerable is so so dangerous to our outdated minds, that it just doesn’t stop. Unless we ask it too and practice to.

Our mind is also warning us if we come into situations that resemble previous situations when we were really stressed, or scared, or hurt, but our mind knows nothing about what this new situation has to offer us.

Our mind predicts the risk out of what we already have been through. 

It gives us a risk assessment, based on old data.

It does not take into account that we may have changed some of the variables. Perhaps we have a new positive outlook on life, perhaps we have changed our approach, perhaps we are just beginning to BE open to doing things differently, perhaps we are in a new location and maybe this time the other person involved has evolved and will behave differently. 

Our minds are not that open-minded and keep giving us predictions based on previous experiences. OLD DATA.


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For your illuminated mind and inner peace,


Alexa Marie