The Art of Grounding

Essential practice

To be grounding my energy has been one of the most important things that I could add to my everyday life. Now I ground myself several times a day and especially before meeting someone or embarking on a new initiative or work activity.

It gives me a solidity and calm energy that is infused in everything I do. It makes me relaxed, calm and centered. It keeps my energy within myself and not only up in my head. 


Ungrounded makes me flustered

I am a very calm and grounded person by nature, but I easily get flustered and stressed when I am thinking a lot about things that goes on or that I need to do, when I am un-grounded that is. When grounded I keep my cool in a much different way.

Our society today, our lives, our jobs, requires so much thinking of us and it is easy to worry about the future or dwell on the past. Grounding helps bring you back to the present moment and give yourself a new beginning, over and over again. 


Not enough thinking about your feet

Before, I knew about grounding and would think to myself that I was grounding my energy with just thinking about the soles of my feet, coming from the yoga that I was doing. And sure, this is slightly grounding too, but I didn’t realize that I could be grounding myself in a much deeper way.

I thought the common analogy of roots growing from our feet, was purely an analogy and helping our mind to focus on the present moment.


Energy is real and grounding is ground work

After becoming more in tune with my energetic body and my aura, I now know that grounding is doing tangible things to my energy. Tangible in the soft, free, flowing way that is our energetic nature. 

I am able to direct my energy into the earth, connecting with the energy grid of mama Gaia, our earth, and then observe and feel as the grounding earth energy shoots up through my energy tendrils, my consciously extended roots, and ground me from the inside out.

It fills by body with light and if any chakra is blocked I will know it in this process because I will not be able to feel an interrupted flow of energy through that chakra. This also provides a hint of what is going on with me that I can choose to deal with, but that is another story of healing.


There is nothing unreal about imagination when meditating

Anyone is able to do this. We direct our energy with our intention, our will and thoughts. Where attention goes, energy flows.

You just do it. Perhaps you don't feel it to begin with, but know that it is happening anyway. Use your imagination!

Trust it. Eventually you will become more in tune and sense the subtleness of your own energetic body.


Grounding brings you back

Grounding brings you back to your core, back to yourself and your beautiful center. Your divine self, deep within your body.

When grounded I am more compassionate, more present, more open to new ideas and intuitive guidance and more free to be me.


With love,



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