A lesson in non-pushing and time perspective

Jordan of Egypt speaks,
The divine remembrance of all that is, all that will ever be and all that has been. It is one and the same, time is not. Time is not. Time is 3-dimensional. But in your 3D experience become aware of time - as not important. Not determining of your destiny.

Time is not pushing and striving, so find the joy and set intentions for not succumb to time. Don’t let time rule you and your achievements. Let your work transpire and unfold from joy. Pease hear me and change tactics. Your offering needs to come from joy and not from fear of non-achievement.

The difference in energy is huge. You know this. Now it is time to practice is too. Set it into action today. Right now. Joy first, being first, be and enjoy and THEN achieve and accomplish.

Recognize that this drive, this urge, is part of your thinking mind, not your heart. Indulge in heart practice. What is it that your heart smiles to? What makes your heart light up?

Me: Going to a nurturing yoga class, drinking golden milk at raw food cafe. Spending time with close friends, which i need more of. Ask someone out for lunch.

Jordan: Yes, also beautify the house, your home, your office. Clean out drawers. One thing at a time, not a new to do list, not a new stressing element. Just enjoy. Ask yourself in the morning, right now, what would light up my heart today.

Me: A walk in the park. Smelling of autumn. Sat nam mantra practice after lunch. Or right now...

Jordan: Nothing is saying you have to achieve first and then relax. Relaxing and enjoying something IS the foundation of, and incentive to, achieving, doing and accomplishing.