Inner Peace Cirlcle

In this weekly meditation class for women I am sharing my favorite practices for cultivating inner peace with you. It is a service straight from my heart to yours.

You will only listen in over the web, through your headphones, in the comfort of your home and take part in a virtual circle of other women, all wishing to connect with their inner peace, center and heart. 

In this circle (45-60 min) I will gently guide you through grounding, heart centering practices and meditations, including some of the following:

  • Grounding meditation
  • Releasing of unwanted emotions meditation
  • Energetic hygiene meditation (clearing and strengthening your energy field. Everyone needs this, but especially empaths, highly sensitive people and introverts)
  • Connecting with your spirit guides meditation
  • Mindful meditation
  • Metta meditation (loving kindness)
  • Whole body breathing meditation
  • Personal reflection and writing in a journal
  • Insights about the current moon phase that can be beneficial to keep in mind during the week
  • Intention setting for the coming week

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With so much love,



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