Are you waking up or still living in illusion?

We are in this sensitive and important time of awakening. Many don’t know about it at all yet, and that is fine, it is happening to us all in divine timing, but all around the world, people, mostly women but also men, are waking up now.

They are waking up to their true nature as spiritual beings having a human experience, waking up to who they really are, waking up to the peace of the present moment, freeing themselves of the illusions that cloud our mind.

They are ordinary women (and men), realizing that her thoughts are not identifying her, realizing that outer experiences and circumstances do not need to decide her happiness. She begins to deeply love her self, and softens the constant judging, commenting and analyzing.

We are waking up to the present moment, where the awareness that is ME exists.

This awakening leads not only to insights about the nature of things, life and ourselves, but also to inner peace and happiness that is not determined by external circumstances.

Thoughts like ”If I only had this, then I would be happy” or ”If I can only finish this, then I can feel satisfied” or ”When this happens, then I can relax and feel peaceful” or “On vacation, then I will enjoy the moment” are naturally being silenced, because we then know that happiness is not dependent on the external at all. It is available inside of us, and was all along,

...and now we know how to access it.

This is not to say that we can access it freely at any given time, at least not at first. It requires practice, through giving ourselves space for stillness. Practices of meditation, self-inquiry, self-love and non-judgement are a great way.

We are still human, beautiful in all the shades of grey, with emotions running wild and we need to not judge ourselves for it!

With time though, you will be able to feel the inner peace running like a steady stream, far below your sadness, irritability or anger.

And further along the path of awakening, the reasons for becoming irritable are slowly loosing the war over your experience and you respond more with love and compassion.


With love,

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