Why we actually enjoy being angry

So, what about the days when we just don’t feel happy and inner peace seems far away? Those are the moments when we need to practice non-judgement and self-love. Allow us to feel every emotion. To let them surface, to speak out what we need to speak out and to also let it pass.

Letting go is hard though, because we have a tendency to hold on to these negative feelings as if we wanted to feel like crap. Some part of the human nature clings to unwanted feelings to nurture the pain body.

We enjoy being a victim sometimes, have you noticed?

But in these moments, it is actually our pain body that thrives.

Growing up, in this life time and other life times, we store pain and misfortune in our pain body.

The pain body is existing side by side with the ego, trying to hold us back in a sense. Our pain body needs more pain to still exist and is that part of you that feels good when you are miserable or angry.

If you are getting really irritated with your kids, or husband, or anyone, pay attention to how that makes you feel.

Somewhere deep inside it feels satisfying to be really irritated, annoyed and we can actually go fuller into this reaction despite our mind and heart wanting to do differently.

Our pain body gains power and is in control of you in that moment. The pain body IS you, or a part of you, but is not WHO you are. The pain body is an echo of your previous experiences that inflicted pain or harm upon you. It thrives of unhappiness, grief, sadness and anger and holds on to previous and sometimes really old events that happened to you, that you are ready to forgive or let go of, but the pain body wants to keep hold of them.

It clings to them to not loose power. Because if it keeps it’s power, if it keeps getting fueled with energy, it still exists.

It is fighting for it’s existence within you. As is the ego, reinforcing you to feel better than others or feel less than others to gain power, and therefor exist. More on the ego another time.

As we are waking up to the present moment and to who we really are (which is not the pain body), the pain body will rebell and act up like a child having temper tantrums. We can experience sudden shifts in temper and anger outbursts that we hadn't had in a while.

We can also start to look at our selves with more love and honesty and see what parts we need to heal. Whatever triggers us (what our pain body loves), is a clue for what needs to heal.

When we start noticing the pain body, we see through it’s attempt of holding us in the past of suffering, and we reclaim our power back. It looses intensity when we start to telling it like it is.

Next time you get really irritated, try to say to yourself, this is the pain body acting up. It is gaining power from this.

It will, with time and insightful reflection, become easier to let go of the issue, and move past the situation with love instead of staying in the frustrated argument or keep butting heads in an unresolvable fight. 


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