Why everyone is talking about Reiki

It is magical!

Reiki is on everyone’s lips at the moment because it is often a first step to experience some magic, and it delivers!

When you are in a session of Reiki healing, wether physically or at a distance (in the comfort of your home) I am channelling Reiki energy through my crown chakra, from heavens above, into my body and out of my hands.

Feet, mouth and eyes are also outlets but I use my hands, it is most convenient that way.

Pure magic, because yes, it does work.


It works at a distance

If you are receiving Reiki energy at a distance, you may feel heat or coldness in your body and perhaps a prickling feeling or like carbonated fuzzy drink inside your body.

If you are not at all in tune with your energetic body or field (yet) you may also not experience anything special at all, but know that the energy is coming to you anyway. It is doing it’s magic with you anyway, and perhaps you notice feeling different in certain areas of your life after one or a few sessions.


It helps you feel better

To give yourself Reiki (if you are initiated yourself or to receive from a practitioner) is such a beautiful way to boost your energy if you are feeling down, sick or stressed.


It can heal specific events or traumas

If you are aware of things in your past that needs healing, Reiki is a wonderful tool as well. Make sure you tell the practitioner if you have very specific requests as the Reiki energy can be directed to these specific events, past, present or future.


It is easy to give

This energy is intelligent in some magic way and knows where it is needed. It goes to aid your physical weaknesses or to your emotional and energetic blockages, giving healing attention.

The reiki energy is helping you to deeply relax your body and boosts your energy, helping you to self-heal.


It can be a first contact with your spirit guides

If you are receiving Reiki in another country (or any physical location near and far), I am using a Clear Quartz crystal to enhance the Reiki transmission and afterwards I send you a short text about my experience in giving it to you.

During the session I am connected to your energy and can subtly and intuitively feel into your experience and I may also receive some messages from your spirit guides that you would benefit from hearing.


More are open to it now

Reiki healing treatments are available in hospitals in the US and Norway (and probably more common in eastern countries), and at the Police force in Norway, but in many other countries it is still considered a bit too mystical.

Despite being generally sceptic in Sweden, Reiki is surprisingly enough approved by the Swedish Tax Agency as a deductible rehabilitating health-sustaining treatment.

I give myself Reiki every night. I would love to send you some. Please have a look at my offering of distance Reiki healing. It is quite affordable.


With love and Reiki energy,



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