Sweet bliss came from understanding this...

To witness my thoughts in meditation not enough

Being able to witness my own thoughts through mindful meditation helped clear my mind and bring me peace, BUT it wasn’t until I discovered the ancient philosophical model over the patterns of our mind, the Wheel of Samsara, that it clicked all the way.

In the time following being taught this model I observed how I myself, was thinking in congruence with it, and how it made me unnecessarily unhappy!


The most profound AHA moment of my life came from understanding the Wheel of Samsara

I could also clearly feel the difference when I called them out, my thoughts that is. When I saw my thoughts for what they were, their patterns and behaviors and how they followed the model by the book.

This took courage, openness, honesty and curiosity and lead me to where I am today, feeling the inherent never-ceasing inner peace that made me call myself inner peace goddess to somehow reflect on the outside what I feel on the inside.


Suffering put me off

This model is also know as the Wheel of Suffering and I was first exposed to it many years ago through an old book in the bookshelf but was so put off from it’s title and felt like “Suffering” must be some religious way of making the people believe in a god that can remove the suffering if they do this or that.

This is so not the case and I wish I had approached it with more openness earlier on.


Conditional happiness

The suffering described is the conditional happiness that influences most people’s lives!

The fact that we only feel really happy or peaceful when we have an achievement to celebrate or an accomplishment to be proud of, or when on holiday or when other specific criteria is met.

Perhaps you can only feel happy when the sun is out, or when you buy new clothes.

Or maybe you only feel the peace within when drinking alkohol or sitting down with a cup of coffee in your hand.

Does “If only I had this, then I would be happy/peaceful….” ring a bell? Conditional happiness. Habitual existence. Conditional existence.

Watch out for your ego possibly telling you that this does not apply to you... It does apply, unless you have done work to call out your mind habits before. ❤ 


The sweetest bliss

When breaking this pattern, you can truly unleash your inner peace and feel the sweetest bliss every single moment of your life.

Even when you are feeling sad or angry or whatever, the peacefulness is steadily acting like a backdrop keeping you feeling confident and safe.

If you are curious to learn more, I am offering a meditation series guiding you through profound insight. Read more here.


With so much love,



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