Why I cannot be a mindfulness teacher any more

I love mindfulness.

It is a blessing to consciously be able to choose to be completely present. In the moment. Present with the people I am with. I am so grateful for the practice of Mindfulness, because I needed it to get to where I am today.

I needed Mindfulness, as a non-spiritual practice,

to go through the soul growth, the personal development that I needed to be healthy and happy and discover that I am so so spiritual (as we all are).

I needed Mindfulness to be able to come back to the present moment, back to my intuition and myself.

Through Mindfulness practice we silence our mind, we let it rest, and in that space our inner voice, our intuition can grown once again.

We were born open and intuitive and connected to our selves, but as we grew up all the ”noise” of human life, the endless thinking and our ego wanting to accomplish and achieve, silenced this inner guidance.

A natural learning curve

This is a natural development for us human beings, until we reach that point of no return, when we realize that we want something else that not necessarily is more, it is just something different and more meaningful to us.

Perhaps it is illness, stress collapse, depression or the death of a family member that shakes us alive, inspires us to change. We usually need something to bring that little seed of motivation to us.

I became a Mindfulness teacher

I turned to mindfulness, after years of yoga, and through practicing and integrating mindfulness into my life I experienced such happiness that I had to share with others in Mindfulness courses.

With more time and practice, my soul expanded. My intuition brought me to meet people, to learn things and to investigate and ponder the synchronicities that presented themselves and I followed their lead for more soul growth.

With Mindfulness I cleared my mind of the distractions so that I could see what else I needed

I needed to heal and to allow my soul to grow and my heart to expand. Through numerous transformations and intuitive self-healing I am now a different person and as I continue to evolve I now feel a need to share of the other practices and insights that have brought such profound healing, inner peace and happiness for myself, to others. To you.

I have now outgrown my uniform

I am no longer solely a Mindfulness teacher, because I have outgrown my uniform, because I now have a toolbox full of other wonderful practices for soul growth and inner peace that I also want to share.

I am still in love with mindfulness though and encourage everyone not familiar with it to get started! Perhaps in my eCourse Peace & Balance (Swedish only)?


If you are curious to see what else I am currently offering, look here.

With love,