A Christmas Calendar for Inner Peace

December is a month to enjoy the lights, the decorations and feeling the anticipation for Christmas. In the northern hemisphere this time is dark, cold and we really need the lights and open fires of our candles or fire places to lift our spirit. We naturally feel like slowing down and going inside, staying away from the buzz and nurture ourselves and our family.

BUT, December can be stressful as we are preparing for Christmas and planning, doing, purchasing, ordering, wrapping, cooking is slowly taking over and at times this can feel overwhelming!

Even if you don't find the Christmas preparations to be stressful, during this month you may feel the need for more self care and nurturing and this is where my FREE Christmas Calendar comes in. It provides a perspective on Christmas and the (for many) December frantics that encourages Inner Peace through it all. 

Receive daily inspiration and motivation (to your email) for returning, again and again, to being grounded, calm and peaceful through this period. It will be through mindful advise and inspiration, grounding techniques, intuitive guidance and self care reminders.

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