How I beat stress and became an Inner peace goddess

Honestly, it didn’t happen overnight. It took time and practice, but I have been content and happy with the changes within for a couple of years now and it only gets better!!

That feeling of always being happy deep inside and being able to smile for nothing, ALL THE TIME, is amazing.

I used to think a lot like this, however:

”If only I can finish that, then I’ll be happy”,

”If only that person wouldn’t do that, then I’ll be better off”,

”When I have a holiday to look forward to, then I’ll be happy”,

”When that is ready or get done, then I’ll be able to relax”,

”When I achieve this or that, then I’ll be happier”.

”I just need to buy some new clothes, then I’ll be happy”

Sure, I felt happier, for achieving, finalising, receiving, getting, buying… but not for more than a little while and it is NOTHING compared to the strong consistent happiness I feel now.

I wish everyone could realise how happy you CAN feel, regardless of external circumstances.

But sometimes we need some sort of depressing circumstances, breakdown or tragedy to SEE that we want things to be different and so was the case also for me.

So, stressful circumstances ripped me from ALL happiness and eventually I had a breakdown. That is not true, I had several minor breakdowns and a cancer tragedy in my extended family that combined made me start to think about what I would like to do if I got a death sentence like cancer.

I knew deep inside what I wanted, I wanted to do a yoga teacher training, but there was no time, a lot of excuses that stopped me. I had a small child, a career in Product development, 

and I felt for a long time I needed to wait for a better time.

Thankfully I came to the conclusion that there was no such thing, so I just did it, researched it, planned it and completed it.

During the teacher training I was expected to meditate daily and start a daily yoga practice, but it really was the meditation that served me most.

Just to stop and breath for a moment every day can be life changing.

We are not set up for constant ACTIVITY and this yoga teacher training gave me the approval I needed to prioritize PAUSING, REFLECTING and meditating. 

I had tried meditation years before, even as a teen, but the world around me was all about achievements, being the good girl, getting good grades and accomplishing.

Anyway, I began a daily meditation practice and slowly felt the benefits. I struggled a lot with the achievement attitude though, that was ingrained in myself AND the teachers I met along the way in different courses, classes and professions.

What I finally embodied and reaped AMAZING benefits from was this: To be KIND to yourself, and really LOVE yourself through it. To say no and take the easy way out OFTEN, and stand up for yourself. 

It is difficult in the beginning but when i started to DO it, amazing things happened.

To not have high expectations on yourself in the sense that having a daily meditation practice from day one is what you strive for, and becoming disappointed when (when!) it doesn’t happen.

Willpower, pushing through and rigid assumptions of how it should be makes you less mindful.


Loving yourself when you don’t feel like meditating (or anything else, like going to that business dinner etc), and instead doing something that you love, makes you more in tune with your inner voice and more mindful.

After a bath or book or chocolate and movie, or whatever you want to do instead of meditating (please do something for yourself on these days) you feel more alive, more connected with yourself, right?

Just choosing something that makes you feel GOOD inside, is changing you, and during the mindfully chosen activity you become more mindful, because you are all there, present.

This makes my courses different to others where the attitude often is “Just do it” with a sort of snorting response to failure. My courses are infused with self-love and acceptance and this is how you grow.

How children grow, how adults grow is not through authority and high expectations and little acceptance of failure, but through love.

During the time in yoga teacher training, I also learnt about an ancient philosophic model from the Yogic Philosophy that really hit home. I understood FINALLY why my thoughts just keep going round and round, keep commenting, keep talking to me, keep justifying, analysing and telling stories about me, to me, that are NOT TRUE.

This ancient philosophic model is part of what I am sharing in the Advanced Mindfulness Course “Peace & Bliss”. It truly stripped my thoughts of their power over me and I began to live and embody Mindfulness and the Inner Peace that comes along with it.

Thanks for reading this long post.

With love,


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