Don't wait for the breakdown before starting with Mindfulness

Many people come into contact with mindfulness when recovering after a stress-related breakdown, but all you need is the feeling that you want things to be more balanced.

It is true that contrast makes it more obvious that you want a change, that you NEED a change, and while stressing away in life and at work, unbalanced, it is sometimes difficult to see that you DO HAVE the opportunity to have it any other way.

Perhaps you are like me, not so good at standing up for what you need because you have always done what is expected of you and as an adult that often means rushing through life, getting things done, moving quickly between activities and tasks, achieving, accomplishing and doing.

I am here to tell you that you do NOT need a breakdown to make changes. All you need is to feel that you want to be happier, calmer and more balanced in your life.

You do not need to BURN OUT before making RADICAL changes.

This is your approval for slowing down.

I GRANT YOU PERMISSION. You don’t need to wait.

Lots of love to YOU,