Are you happier with a new pair of shoes?

Our inner voice, our inner truth, is in part being silenced by consumerism (no judgement!) In the sense that at some stage we all buy things to become happy. We book a trip to feel fulfilled. We buy a new top to feel worthy. Or a new pair of shoes. Because we feel that THAT will make us feel better.

This is all good, I am not judging, I used to feel this way as well, but if we are looking for inner peace, this will not ever be enough.

The superficial sense of worthiness, self-love, admiration from others and fulfillment passes so quickly though and we need something else, a new pair of brown boots perhaps or renovating the kitchen, to feel content, when inner peace really only can be found inside.

Whenever you are brave enough to start another kind of journey, not one that you can brag about in the lunch room, but one inside that opens and connects you to your heart, you will find that it is the most rewarding journey of your life. 

When in sincere connection with your inner truth, you might choose to buy things that deeply resonate with your inner essence and you choose to dress and express all of yourself from a place of heart-felt self-love and to adorn yourself with beauty because you are a goddess! Wouldn't this feel nice? Like all the time :-) 

You would then travel to feel connected to the world, and the people in it, and perhaps give yourself the luxury of time offline, on a beautiful beach where the sun sets in colors only imaginable and you give yourself the experience of enjoying it fully, without the need of showing another to be able to feel happy.

Your inner voice, your inner truth, your inner worthiness of existing, of being love, of expressing yourself, of being happy is already inside of you. YOU. Yes, you. 

When you decide to listen more carefully to this voice, when you want to honor your inner voice, you will be attracted to the teachers, courses, healing modalities, therapies, classes that would assist you on your journey. Go with what feels good and pulls you in. It will be right for you.


With love,



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