Your inner voice knows the secret to happiness

There is something that we all hide.

Something SO valuable that we don't necessarily value at all in this day and age.

A deep longing for something we don't even know what it is.

This longing is not going away. It will only grow stronger.

The deep longing begins in our heart, but it is being silenced by all our thoughts. Thoughts about the past, commentary about why you said or did what you did, re-living unpleasant events, thinking back. And thoughts about the future, what you need to remember, must not forget, "who will be there and how will they react, what will I do then?"

...and while we are planning the future, tomorrow or the food shopping, our inner voice is silenced.

The future will most probably not turn out the way you try so hard to anticipate anyway and you will adjust! You will handle the future when it is here, so why plan it? (I speak of the repetitive planning inside your head, not the directions for life that we all need to set out). The repetitive planning makes you distracted from the present moment. The planning is occupying your awareness to be focusing on the mind, but when will you focus on the heart, your inner voice?

The heart is just as intelligent as the mind and it's voice, your inner voice, knows the secret to happiness. So go on, silence your thoughts just that little bit, so that your inner voice can be heard. So that you can experience the amazing inner peace and happiness that is available for you!

You can do this in many different ways, the offers out there are endless! I did it myself through self-love, through being present and seeing the circumstances that are before me right now without judgement. Practicing mindfulness both in a formal meditation regularly and mindful exercises during everyday life has truly been life changing for me.

Mindfulness is a fantastic place to start. If you feel called, I invite you to have a look at my eCourse Peace & Balance. 

Do something today that makes your heart sing.


I wish you peace.



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