I break free! And you can too

I am a woman with many gifts, but I grew up feeling VERY small.

I was being encouraged into thinking I could be or do anything with hard work, but shown that it is necessary to lie about the true essence of who you are, so I did what most do; struggle, push and achieve the expectations of my parents and society around me.

Sure, I could do it, but the aim was not mine, the goals where always a compromise from my true desire.

It all served a purpose though, I can see that, it has taught me valuable lessons and I am Grateful!

But, I am NOT an engineer by heart, have never been. I do NOT like math OR science.

I hated university. I just wanted to start LIVING. I felt disconnected.

Now I know, that I AM skilled in listening to my inner voice, to take responsibility for my own inner healing, to make hard decisions to follow my intuition. I am brave. I SEE you. I have gifts that I share successfully with people who come to me. I help them listen to their own inner voice, open their heart and awakening to presence.

I tune into energy easily, I feel the different frequencies of different things (like money, love, joy etc) like currents in my body, similar to shifting the gears of a car, and use this in making my intentions clear to the heart of the recipient.

I am claircognizant, I am intuitive, I am an introvert, I am an empath. I have developed fine skills in energetic management and can strengthen my own energy field when in an otherwise depleting environment or circumstance. I can notice, feel and release energetic cords and connections to other people, to recover after an encounter which left me feeling not so great. I am managing my own energy and being highly sensitive, this gives me enormous freedom and health.

I now know that I am NOT a victim of stress in a high achieving work place, I am STRONG for recognizing my true desire and for follow it, for waking up to my true purpose and making a life where I can FEEL, I can REST, I can CREATE and BE in alignment with my very soul. This change is huge and I am working every day to be brave enough to stand up for it.

I AM scared that people will judge me now, I know that many people will not understand, that they will have opinions about me (come on, it is NOT about you, this is about ME). But this is SO important for me right now. To be the person that I AM. In EVERY situation, with everyone.

I will NOT shove my beliefs into your throat and try to make YOU change, but I will NOT compromise myself anymore. I will NOT make myself small. I will NOT make myself into something I am not to fit your expectations.

From this moment, I pledge this and more. I break FREE! I AM SAFE AND FREE TO BE ME.

With an open heart,



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