I thought they (my employer) cared

I lost myself

During the time when I was so stressed and working working working in a carreer job that I so deeply thought I cared about, I lost myself. I lost my values, I lost my voice, I lost my desire, wants and needs.

I didn’t know what I thought was funny, I didn’t smile.

I wasn’t nice to people. I didn’t have time to celebrate birthdays.


I felt so needed at work

I felt like if I didn’t finish this or that, the (BIG) company would fall. But when I fell, when I had a stress-related melt down, the company just tinkered on. Grinding on, on it’s large cogwheels, supported by it’s solid system.

I was no where near as needed as I thought. Nothing changed with me not being there working my ass off.

Really, I could’ve taken time off and relaxed a lot sooner.


Taking responsibility for my own health

I learnt many things and it all brought me to where I am today, but one important lesson was: 

- to take responsibility for my own health - 

To recognize I needed to do something, that I was all out of balance.


It CAN be hard to see it while you are in it...

With my story I wish to help others see this. Are you out of balance in your work life right now? Do you want more balance and calm and inner peace? What can you do or change for yourself?

Perhaps Mindfulness is something you want to try? If so, I invite you to have a look at this site for free resources on the blog and my eCourse Peace & Balance.

Because I wish inner peace for everyone!



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