A mindful cup of tea

A mindfulness exercise to incorporate into your everyday life

Make yourself a slow cup of tea, especially if you don’t have time, and sit down with yourself as the only company and enjoy it together with your own presence and breathing and let all those thoughts just linger in the background.

This may be a challenging exercise but YOU are deserving of your own love and presence. Just sit and be, together with yourself, without distractions such as screens of all sorts. You can do it. Just for the time it takes to finish your tea.

Drink you tea.

Watch the water,

watch the color of the tea,

investigate the flavors,

and feel the sensations in your mouth while savouring the liquid,

the warmth from the cup against your skin.

Be present and observe your reactions, without engaging, your thoughts without engaging, your emotions without engaging.

Allow them to pass through. Allow them to just be what they are, without the need of analyzing them, judging them or commenting on their presence.

Being present, with the attitudes of allowing and non-judging, is the very core of mindfulness.

Enjoy the practice. Enjoy the moment with yourself.


With love,



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