Class #2 - How to heal yourself

Class #2 - How to heal yourself


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Online live class will be held: Thursday May 3 at 12.00 Swedish time = 11 AM CET / 4 AM CST / 2 AM PST / 8 PM AEST / 4 PM Jakarta / 5 PM Bali

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In 'How to heal yourself', is where I share how you can intuitively heal your inner wounds and how it can be really easy. 

The only one who can truly heal you is YOU.

  • How to identify what needs to be healed, integrated and released
  • What does it even mean to heal yourself?
  • Suggested practices, rituals, ceremonies & processes to heal & integrate those parts of you that are hurt, sad, wounded, worried & in distrust, fear or living in lack mentality.

Be empowered to do your inner work and rise.

The process of enlightenment often require that we clean out some of what is hurting within so that we can see the light that we already are a little easier.

Often we think that we need others to heal us, but I promise you, you are the most powerful healer you know.

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Thursday May 3, at 12.00 Swedish time = 11 AM CET / 4 AM CST / 2 AM PST / 8 PM AEST / 4 PM Jakarta / 5 PM Bali

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